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Smart Destinations is a technology-based travel provider that offers sightseers multi-attraction passes that maximize savings, convenience, and flexibility. Smart Destinations passes, including Go City Cards, Go Explorer and Go Select Passes, provide admission to more than 400 attractions across nine North American destinations.

CEO: Ted Stimpson
Location: Boston, MA


Live Well Financial is a full service mortgage lender, offering conventional, FHA, and reverse mortgages.

CEO: Michael Hild
Location: Richmond, VA


Valore is a collection of online education brands, including ValoreBooks and SimpleTuition, committed to combating the cost of college. ValoreBooks is a leading online textbook marketplace helping students and bookstores acquire and sell textbooks at the best prices. SimpleTuition is a private student loan comparison engine that has helped more than 10 million families plan better and pay less for college.

CEO: Kevin Walker
Location: Boston, MA


Evite was the first free web-based service for coordinating and planning social activities of all types. The service cut the time, cost, and hassle usually associated with event coordination.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Sale: Sold to Ticketmaster/Citysearch (now Interactive Corp.) in 2001


CellIT developed software for customer interaction management, providing a range of productivity-boosting features and capabilities for large call centers.
Location: Miami, FL
Sale: Sold to Davox (now Aspect Software) in 2002


MarketSwitch developed Enterprise Marketing Optimization (EMO) software, enabling marketing professionals to optimize marketing spending by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.
Location: Dulles, VA
Sale: Sold to Experian in 2004


eCredit is the leading provider of online solutions for trade, credit, and collections. Its on-demand software supports the processes of granting credit, monitoring portfolio risk, and collecting accounts receivables. eCredit also offers a comprehensive industry-specific credit reporting and scoring solution.
Location: Dedham, MA
Sale: Sold to Fidelity Ventures in 2006


Compete provides companies with quantitative insight into customer and competitor activity to maximize the return on their customer acquisition and retention initiatives. Based on the industry’s largest data pool of Internet users, Compete’s tailored analyses and business recommendations focus on demand analysis, attraction and retention, and customer profitability.
Location: Boston, MA
Sale: Sold to TNS (now WPP) in 2008


OpenPages is the nation’s leading provider of enterprise governance, risk, and compliance management software solutions.
Location: Waltham, MA
Sale: Sold to IBM in 2010


Forefield offers online financial planning solutions targeted at professional advisors, institutions, and consumers. These solutions facilitate the communication of current, concise, and compliant financial planning knowledge and advice.
Location: Marlborough, MA
Sale: Sold to Broadridge Financial Solutions in 2010


Higher One offers higher education institutions one-card banking and electronic funds disbursement solutions that cut administrative costs, streamline business processes, and create valuable revenue opportunities.
Location: New Haven, CT
IPO: ONE (NYSE) in 2010


FSV Payment Systems is a leader in the stored-value and prepaid debit card industry, providing full-service programs and processing services. FSV has extensive experience in payroll and benefits cards, loyalty, rebates and promotions, healthcare and gift cards.
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sale: Sold to US Bank in 2012


Placemark delivers services and infrastructure to broker/dealers for their separate account management programs. It is the separate account industry’s leading overlay portfolio manager for enabling Unified Managed Account programs, a managed account that integrates multiple investment types into a customized portfolio with a unified interface for financial advisors.

Location: Wellesley, MA
Sale: Sold to Envestnet in 2014


PayChoice is a leading independent payroll services provider. It delivers integrated payroll and HR-based tax filing services for a network of nearly 300 owned, licensed payroll services bureaus.

Location: Moorestown, NJ
Sale: Sold to Sage Software UK in 2014


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